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    TH-OQ series air & liquid multi-flow H.T. dyeing machine is the first low-energy consumption dyeing machine developed by WUXI TONGHUA DYE-FINISHING MACHINE CO.,LTD. It not only gathers the advantages of both air flow and liquid flow dyeing machine, but also has its own unique properties. It applies air-liquid separation system, which improves the dyeing evenness of the fabric and resists crease mark. It has low demands for dyeing process, ensures right-first-time dyeing and has high rinsing efficiency. Besides conventional fabric dyeing, it’s more suitable for dyeing sensitive color, tightly woven fabric and lycra fabric. It can save power consumption by 50% compared to air flow dyeing machines and has a wider range of application than overflow or jet flow dyeing machine.
    The air and liquid multi-flow H.T. dyeing machine is suitable for the dyeing of cotton, chemical fiber and blended woven fabric or knitted fabric, but also can be used for the pre-processing and post-processing of fabrics. In addition, the machine can be used for the alkali treatment of dacron ,Lycoell alkali-dissolving and fiber-separation treatment and loose fabric preshrinking arrangement and so on.
    Main Technical Parameters
    * Machine Model: horizontal cylindrical shape
    * Maximal Working Temperature (℃): 135℃
    * Maximal Working Pressure (MPa): 0.30MPa
    * Tube Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
    * Bath Ratio Range: 1:2.5~1:4
    * Fabric Linear Velocity (m/ min): 70~500
    * Steam Pressure (MPa): O.4~0.6MPa
    Main Technical Features
    * Not aerodynamic;
    * Saving power by 50%;
    * Combined nozzle;
    * Suitable for dyeing sensitive color and best at resisting crease mark;
    * High dyeing evenness during fabric running in every cycle.
    Main Specification
    Standard Specification
    ModelTube QuantityMax. Capacity (KG)Dimension
    L (mm)W(mm)H(mm)
    TH-OQ- 11250420047003700
    TH-OQ- 225005600
    TH-OQ- 337507000
    TH-OQ- 4410008400
    TH-OQ- 66150011200
    TH-OQ- 88200013600
    High Capacity Specification
    ModelTube QuantityMax. Capacity (KG)Dimension
    L (mm)W(mm)H(mm)
    TH-OQ- 1C1300440047003700
    TH-OQ- 2C26006000
    TH-OQ- 3C39007600
    TH-OQ- 4C412009200
    TH-OQ- 6C6180012400
    TH-OQ- 8C8240015200China Gas-liquid Dyeing Machine

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