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    Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented Electrical Steel
    Non grain oriented electrical steel features homogeneous magnetic properties in all directions. They are widely used as iron core materials in rotating machines ranging from large power generators to tiny precision electric motors. They are also used in the iron core of small power transformers.


    The raw material mainly from:

    Why choose us:
    1. Factory direct: We are a professional manufacturer of Silicon Steel Sheets, established in 2009.
    2. High quality raw material: We mainly choose raw material from big steel factories, such as BAO STEEL, WISCO, which are the best and largest raw material manufacturer in China.
    3. Good quality & Low cost: The company has introduced a dozen of fully automatic high-speed punching machines, which can produce high quality products with less labor cost. So we can always keep the price competitive and reasonable.
    4. Various sizes for selection: We have developed a great variety of molds, with different sizes, to provide you with a wide range of options. Non Standard Silicon Steel Sheet

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